Fees Schedule

Additional Fees charged by Velox Clearing

Domestic/International Wire $30/50
Returned Check/ Wire/ACH $30
Check Distribution domestic/International $5/$10
International Delivery At cost
Blue Sheets $5
DTC Delivery Transfer – stock/ Bonds $50/$100 per position
ACAT (outbound) $100
Illiquid Charges 12% interest charge
Short interest Pass through
ADR Pass-Through Fees As passed by the ADR agent bank. Generally ($0.01 – $0.03) per share
Stock Mandatory Redemption (position exited out of DTC) $50
Manual Option Exercise $5 per exercise request
Worthless/Delisted or Non- Transferable Securities Written off $10 per write off
Account Inactivity Fee $10 quarterly
Errors (cancel & rebill) $5.00 per side
Order Handling Fee (Call the order Desk) $25.00
As of Trades $10.00 per trade
Corporate Actions $10 for Mandatory and $50 for Voluntary
Interest Charge regular/high risk Broker s Call Rate or Velox rate (whichever is higher) plus 100 bps/300 bps
Equity Trust IRA fee $50 annual fe, termination $75
3rd Party Charge Pass through
DRS/DWAC $100/item
Buy-in or Sell-out $25

Univest Securities Commission Schedule

Self  Online Trading
Fixed 35.00
Broker-Assisted Trading
Minimum 35.00
Maximum 5% of the total amount of trade